Friday, April 17, 2009

an apology, good news, bad news, and me confused!!!

hey sorry i havent made any new post lately, its just that whenever i was around a computer i didnt have enough time to blog. lol

ok so you know the saying that you to say when you little, "girls go to college to get more knowledge and boys go to jupiter to get more stupider"... well i found out that boys dont have to leave the planet to get stupider...

well i had my first boyfriend, eric n., he asked me on thursday night at sarah's house, where i was spending the night. we were all (me, sarah, eric, kyle, and austin) hanging out in her basement. well anyways he asked me out and i had my first kiss... sort of... he missed,actually... by a lot, he got my nose and part of my eye cause i moved lol

we talked on the phone but we never actually went out on a real date. well, anyways he broke up with me on tuesday for another girl and i also found out he cheated on me on sunday, he made out with another girl and my blackmailed my bff into not telling me. and the girl he left me for ha hadnt even met! i felt so bad, i felt like i wasnt good enough for him, like the other girl,(another one of my friends, shannon, but she didnt know he was going out with me first) was better than me, like she was prettier, smarter, and better than me.

well anyways, i got over that and was starting to not care anymore when i went back to school on wednesday, but i am really sad cause now he wont he wont talk to me at all and we used to be friends, he just ignores me now. i guess he thinks that i am mad at him and i was, but im not anymore, i just want him back as friend.

at school i heard a rumor that he still liked me and wanted to get back together with me, but im not sure cause he still wont talk to me. i just found out that shannon broke up with him, good for her cause i didnt want eric to hurt my friend the same way he hurt me and now he got hurt so haha to him

if eric did finally start talking to me again and asked me out again i dont know if i would go back out with him cause look at what he did to me... but i have liked him since first grade and he was a good friend.... maybe i should make him swear to not cheat on me or break up with me for another girl.... or maybe i should just go back to being friends... i really dont know. i am so confused


megan said...

interesting blog. boys stink!

CDR said...

girl r u insane?!?!?!? you would seriously get back wit him? if he didnt appreciate u then he wont appreciate u now! hes just a normal guy who obviusly trys 2 get his hands on anyone and no guy like tht deserves u!