Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boys are so stupid!

ok so i like this boy,i will call him pinkbunny,(lol in wellens class that means that you have to fart lol)! well my friends Flower and Sarsh decided to tell him after school one day when i had left already, well he really didn't say anything then. Then last weekend my friends and i, (Flower, Sarsh, Austin (srry can't come up with a nickname yet), and pinkbunny) well we went to go see push and i was the only one actually watching the movie. lol
well anyways, Sarsh aked pinkbunny if he wanted to go out with me but he said that he liked me just as a friend!

ughh like i said boys are stupid!!!!


CDR said...

like he would admit it 2 us anyway...